hand drawn map


Exhibitions happen from time to time and will be listed here. Follow the links for images and details about the works.

#1 material world

January 2013
kerrie stratford . aldo iacobelli . pam hales
louise haselton . roger smith . linda walker
teri hoskin . kay lawrence

#2 Everyday (I) WORK

April 2013
(from Beachport Knitting and Stitching Groups)
Cheryl Sharp . Heather Brown . Linda Walker
Marlene Holloway . Val Chambers . Wendy Green

#3 Dume Sculptures & Kerrie Stratford Drawings

April 2013

#4 “invite”

October 2013
Traci Chambers . Merilyn de Nys . Mark de Nys
Craig Stratford . Anton Hart . Anton Hart and Paloma Concierta