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January 2013

Material World, detail

Kerrie Stratford . Aldo Iacobelli . Pam Hales
Louise Haselton . Roger Smith . Linda Walker
Teri Hoskin . Kay Lawrence

The ‘material world’ is everywhere, everything, and every time and every thought. The feel of things, and their appearance – matter and matters. It takes ages to make an artwork, even if it’s done in a moment, like a stitch; it’s taken life so far. Small brush marks, colours, weaves, whole bodies, memories, stones, bones, wood, yarn, sand, salt; in all, a process of making-for-making, and the solitude necessary. Art comes from somewhere; one’s tiny presence on earth; events, disasters, pleasures, worries, loss, hope, tenderness. It’s a fragile (material) world, worn and wearing, yet resilient, generous, beautiful, wild; its material of all tenses, tensions, weights, densities, and tempers, and it play out in all shapes and forms. The artist looks carefully, closely, and gathers.
LMW #1, January 2013