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#2 everyday (I) work

(from Beachport Knitting and Stitching Groups)

April 2013

Joan Esther Walker, woollen blankets

Joan Esther Walker, woollen blankets

Val Chambers 
Di Horvath
Marlene Holloway
Heather Brown
Wendy Green
Cheryl Sharp
Pam Hales
Linda Marie Walker
Joan Esther Walker
Wendy Stratford

This exhibition is the work of local women who belong to craft groups. The work is intended for practical use – for wearing, carrying, covering, decorating. There are several pieces that are in the midst of their potential making – such as the dyed silk, the knitted strips, the unfinished stitching. Some pieces are made as artworks – shell embroidery, stitched serviette, wool hanging, assemblages.

In this exhibition therefore are a mix of the ways in which everyday craft knit/stitch skills are employed. There are also the explorations of colour and pattern and texture, and experiments in how folding, draping, cutting and assembling bring about other types of ‘images’; ones that are abstract, yet in their painterly/sculptural way are pleasurable to view; they reveal the formation of ideas/conversations.

# 1 material world

January 2013

Material World, detail

Kerrie Stratford . Aldo Iacobelli . Pam Hales
Louise Haselton . Roger Smith . Linda Walker
Teri Hoskin . Kay Lawrence

The ‘material world’ is everywhere, everything, and every time and every thought. The feel of things, and their appearance – matter and matters. It takes ages to make an artwork, even if it’s done in a moment, like a stitch; it’s taken life so far. Small brush marks, colours, weaves, whole bodies, memories, stones, bones, wood, yarn, sand, salt; in all, a process of making-for-making, and the solitude necessary. Art comes from somewhere; one’s tiny presence on earth; events, disasters, pleasures, worries, loss, hope, tenderness. It’s a fragile (material) world, worn and wearing, yet resilient, generous, beautiful, wild; its material of all tenses, tensions, weights, densities, and tempers, and it play out in all shapes and forms. The artist looks carefully, closely, and gathers.
LMW #1, January 2013